Every child is different

Honoring individuality. Development can feel messy and uneven — and that is to be expected. Children develop skills and abilities at different rates based on their inherent capabilities, interests, and opportunities. While certain milestones are typically achieved within a developmental window, many children mature much more slowly in one area than in others. So, while some children can appear to be underachieving or uncooperative, their differences simply need to be recognized and supported.

Building on strengths. Our role is to understand each child’s unique learning profile, so that in the context of an empathetic and caring relationship, we can build on strengths while improving still emerging skills.

Nurturing skills. When children feel understood and supported, they eagerly engage in the activities that will help them to thrive.

Our services include:
  • Consultation regarding academic, social and emotional development
  • Evaluation for learning differences, ADHD, and gifted programs
  • Creating and monitoring student support plans
  • Counseling individuals and/or small groups
  • ADHD/ADD coaching
  • Parent coaching
  • Supporting highly capable learners