An approach based on purposeful engagement


Michelle Proulx, Ph.D., NCSP

Founder and Lead Consultant
The Capable Child, Nurturing Academic,
Social, and Emotional Development

I love the work that I do! Helping children to achieve their personal best is an honor and a privilege. Because each child is unique, with individual preferences, habits, and ways of interacting, my days are always interesting. The children I work with inspire me with their resilience, humor, and ideas about life. Taking the time to get to know each child reinforces my experience that children thrive when they are understood and recognized for their talents. My work is based on the belief that skills and talents are not fixed, but can be developed through purposeful engagement.

Since 1991, I’ve taken a holistic approach to meeting the needs of school age children. My training has included a Master’s degree in Human Development and Cognition from the University of Washington, a second Master’s degree in School Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. This educational path has provided me with a deep understanding of both academic and social emotional development.

Prior to opening The Capable Child, I served as a Research Assistant investigating treatments for Dyslexia, and as an intern for The Incredible Years Program. More recently, I worked as a School Psychologist and Counselor with the Bellevue School District. As the Counseling Curriculum Developer, I oversaw Bullying Prevention, Counseling, and Social Emotional Learning programs and provided training for district leaders, teachers, psychologists, counselors, and parents on meeting the needs of the whole child.

I also served on several advisory panels to provide guidance on meeting the social and emotional needs of youth including: Youth Investments for United Way, Eastside Pathways, and Youth Development Executives of King County.

Although mothering doesn’t typically appear on any resume, my most meaningful and instructive experiences have been in raising my own children, Michael, Emily, and Katherine, who have taught me humility, patience, empathy, and the importance of play. When I am not working, you can often find me and my husband walking on Queen Anne with our dog, Mia.

I look forward to working with your family.  Let’s get growing!